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At Vixo Link, we're revolutionizing financial services for open banking, transforming traditional complexities into streamlined, efficient, and intelligent solutions. Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet your unique business needs, enabling you to make data-driven, effective decisions.

  • Detailed Transactions History and Real-time Balances: Keep track of all your financial activities with comprehensive transaction histories and real-time updates on account balances.

  • Intelligent Expense Categorization and Merchant Calculations: Make expense management simple with smart categorization and merchant-specific calculations.

  • Comprehensive Income Verification with Real-time deposits: Ensure authenticity with thorough income verification processes, complemented by real-time deposit updates.

  • ACH Details including Account Owner, Routing Number, Account Number, and Account Owner Address: We provide comprehensive ACH details to ensure smooth and secure transactions.

  • Digital Bank PDF Statements for improved transparency: Get clear, straightforward financial insights with our easy-to-understand bank PDF statements.

  • Reliable Payroll and ID Verification Solutions: Streamline your operations with our trustworthy payroll services and ID verification solutions.


Whether your needs involve open banking, dual-source banking data, consumer lending, SMB lending, or integrated financial intelligence, Vixo Link is equipped to help. We seamlessly integrate financial data into your CRM, enabling you to understand your customer better and manage income and expenses more effectively.

  • Open Banking: We facilitate the secure connection of banks, fintechs, and technical providers, simplifying financial management.

  • Dual-source Banking Data: Our services analyze the dynamic relationship among diversification, competition, and bank performance, helping banks meet regulatory requirements and protect against financial crime.

  • Consumer Lending: We streamline consumer lending, eliminating frustrating redundancies for your customers, and fostering their loyalty.

  • SMB Lending: With the rise of small business lending, we offer an all-in-one solution for monitoring and making appropriate lending decisions.

  • Integrated Financial Intelligence: Enjoy a powerful integration that doesn't require any extra developer or IT work. Access all the financial data you need right in your CRM.

  • KYC (Know Your Customer): We provide a comprehensive platform to confirm a client's identity and understand their risk factors for better risk management.

  • Income and Expense Management: Vixo Link simplifies the budgeting process, providing real-time deposits, income categorization, income details, and income risk identification.

{{Organization Name}}, we take the security of our Customer Portal seriously. That's why we've partnered with Vixo Link to provide our clients with a safe and instant verification process for business, functional, financials, and ID documentation. With our Customer Portal, managing your account has never been easier or more secure.


  • FAQ's
    Our most common FAQ's. Please any other questions or demo please reach out to us.
  • Who we are?
    Vixo Link, we are integrated intelligence for banking, payroll, ID, Payments, and Financial Analytics with zero development work needed. Hosted on any CRM or our lite CRM (Vixo Dashboard) as a standalone.
  • Who do we best serve?
    SMB lenders, ISO's, Consumer Lenders, and Merchant Cash Advance Lenders.
  • What is Vixo Link and what services do you offer?
    Vixo Link is a software startup that offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage their customer relationships. Our platform includes features such as customer segmentation, marketing automation, and customer support tools. We also offer integration with popular third-party applications to streamline your business processes. Our goal is to help businesses improve their customer engagement and grow their revenue.
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